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Essential Golf Bag Items


In fact, the National Golf Foundation reported that in 2014, nearly 25 million Americans played golf at least once during the year.

But what if you are one of those Americans still trying to figure out how to include this sport in your life? Maybe you’ve just picked up the game, or maybe you have taken years off and you’re looking to get back in the swing.

Well, as golf lovers, we wanted to put together a handy guide to one of the most important aspects of golfing: the bag. We know it may seem mundane, but arriving to the links with the proper equipment within easy reach will make golfing a lot more enjoyable.

So, here are some of the most important essentials you should be packing in your golf bag.

Golf Equipment

Let’s start with the equipment you will need to play 18 holes on a regular basis. While you can technically golf without some of these things, they are all basic items the vast majority of seasoned golfers use consistently in order to keep their stroke in peak form. Once you have made a commitment to golfing regularly, these are some of the items that should be considered must-haves.



Yes, this one is a bit of a no-brainer, but obviously your golf bag’s most important cargo is your clubs. Which clubs you carry will obviously depend on your personal preference — although the U.S. Golf Association specifies that you cannot carry more than 14. For most golfers, a driver, a couple of woods, a set of irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge and a putter are standard. But some golfers, especially newer golfers, will forgo the driver and carry an extra wood. Additionally, hybrids, which combine elements of both woods and irons, have become popular in recent years, as many beginners find them easier to use.

4 - Golf-Equipment

The best advice for those who are just starting out is to find a friend who is more experienced and let them help you choose which clubs are best for you. If you are really serious about getting the perfect clubs, you can also have clubs that are custom fitted. But once you pick out the clubs you want to use, make sure you are storing them in a way that will keep them in good shape!


GlovesMost new golfers assume one glove is enough. After all, most golfers only wear one glove, so why would you need more than one? However, there is a small issue with even top-of-the-line golf gloves. You want to improve your grip without dulling too much of the sensitivity in your hands. So even if your gloves are finely crafted, if you golf a lot, they’re going to wear out.

We recommend getting a few extras and just leaving them in your bag. That way, if the glove you’re using wears out mid-round, you won’t have to run to the pro-shop and buy a replacement. This is especially important if you have found a particular brand of glove you really like.


SpikesNice golf shoes should last you a while. But while the shoes may be durable, it’s always a good idea to keep a set of spikes handy. Just like gloves, spikes are designed to give you grip without interfering with your feel for the ground. If you golf a lot, a damaged spike can suddenly set your balance off, hurting your game. So keep a pack of extras on hand.

Additionally, keep an extra set of shoelaces with your spikes. Nothing is worse then retying your shoes only to have a lace break. If you have an extra set of laces, you can avoid annoying delays while you try to figure out how to get your shoes to stay on tight!


TeesFrankly, if you’re new to the game, you’re probably going to end up breaking a lot of tees, so this is not the item to skimp on when you’re packing a new golf bag for the season. Obviously there are as many varieties of tees as there are golfers, but which style you pick is not nearly as important as making sure you have plenty on hand. Buy them in bulk and make sure you pack them before you head out, otherwise you may end up having to borrow some from your buddies.


Golf-BallsAgain, this item is even more important if you are new to the sport. We all want our shots to fly straight down the fairway, but sometimes they don’t. And unfortunately, if you slice a shot, you might lose your ball. So don’t be caught without plenty in your bag. Buy them in larger quantities to save money.

While we’re on the subject of balls, it’s also a good idea to pack a permanent marker, too. That way, you can mark your ball in case you don’t get a good look at where it lands or if you and your partner land shots in close proximity to one another. They even make special golf ball stencils so you can mark your ball with a signature mark!

Athletic Tape

TapeEven if you’ve come prepared for every contingency, sometimes things go wrong that you have to fix on the spot if you want to keep playing. Maybe the sole of your shoe starts to split. Maybe the grip of your club suddenly pulls off. These are all things that can be fixed with a little athletic tape, so keep a roll in your bag. You may not end up ever using it, but just knowing it’s there will help you relax.



TowelGolf towels are extremely important. Whether you’re drying off a ball, wiping sweat from your brow or cleaning some dirt off your club head, a high-quality towel will keep your game in top form.

Most golf towels come with a grommet in one corner so you can easily attach it to the outside of your bag. That way, it’s handy and within reach at all times — that’s how often you are going to use it!

At Towel Super Center, we offer a wide range of high-quality golf towels in almost any color imaginable. Plus, our towels come in a variety of fabrics, so you can easily find the perfect towel for your tastes. If you are still in need of towels for golfing, look no further than the selection at Towel Super Center.


windbreakerWe recommend getting one of those compact windbreakers you can keep in a small pouch. These are perfect if you are out on the course and you suddenly realize the meteorologist was wrong that morning. If a breeze picks up or it starts to sprinkle, you can quickly get comfortable and continue with your game.


USGA Rule Book

BookEven the most seasoned golfer will occasionally find themselves in a situation where they are unsure of the rule. So if you are just getting familiar with the game, contact the USGA and ask for a bag-sized rule book. They’ll send you one for free. Also, it will help you be better prepared for experienced golfers who may attempt to take advantage of your inexperience and get one past you.


Other Essentials


These items have less to do with your game and more to do with keeping you comfortable while you play. While you may not use every item every time you golf, keeping them in your golf bag will help ensure that you have what you need to stay comfortable regardless of the conditions. So find these things, preferably in a travel size, and pack them before the season starts.


Even on an overcast day, the hours spent playing 18 holes can cause many golfers to burn. So if you’re of a lighter complexion, always having sunscreen on hand is a must. You don’t want your fabulous day of golfing to be a cause of pain a day later.

Make sure you use a good sunscreen as well. There is a wide range in quality between cheap sunscreens and good sunscreens. Unfortunately, if you make the mistake of buying the bargain variety, you won’t be getting the sun protection you’ll need to play a full round.

Bug Spray

No matter how hard grounds crews try, water hazards are also breeding grounds for mosquitoes, so it’s good to always have some bug spray on hand. You want to be focused on your swing, not the bug buzzing around your face.

Plus, if your buddies forgot to bring their own, you can either barter with them for a free drink at the 19th hole or take advantage of their distracted game when they are slapping their neck to keep the bugs away. Either way, you are getting an advantage just by being prepared.


Inevitably, sometime during your golf career, you will get a blister. Even a small blister can cause a lot of pain while you swing. Having a pack of Band-Aids in a variety of sizes will help you keep golfing even if such a situation arises.

Band-Aids can also be helpful if you are trying to play a ball that has landed in thick brush. Although we recommend taking the stroke and dropping the ball back in a better position, we know some people are too prideful. If that’s the case, you may get a scrape while trudging through the woods. You’ll be thankful to have a bandage you can slap on so you don’t end up bleeding through the rest of your round.


If you have an allergy, this item is a must. When you’re on the golf course, you might not have time to get back to your car and get the emergency allergy relief you need. Plus, if you are allergic to something like a bee sting, you may be at higher risk when you’re golfing. Don’t forget to pack this lifesaving measure.

Pain Relievers

Whether you prefer aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen or naproxen sodium, you should always have a small amount of pain relievers on hand. Sometimes the glare of the sun can give you a headache. Or maybe a bad swing leaves your back a little sore. Or perhaps the long walks have your knees aching. Regardless, a quick dose of a pain reliever can help keep you going when small aches and pains might slow you down.


While many consider golfing to be a leisurely sport, it is important that you stay hydrated while you play. This is especially true if you also plan on having a beer or two while golfing. So pack a couple bottles of water — and stick them in the freezer before you leave so they’re good and cold — in order to make sure you don’t get dehydrated during your round.


You also don’t want to get hungry on the links. Sure, you can get a burger when the round is done, but if you’re only halfway done, you’ll want something to tide you over. We recommend keeping a couple granola bars or some trail mix on hand. Of course, you will want to replace your snacks every time you go out, or else they might spoil.

Beer Koozy

If you are going to crack open some suds while on the course, you want to make sure your beer stays cold. A beer koozy is easy to stuff in your bag and will make sure your brew stays cold as you move from hole to hole. Plus, if you come prepared, you can tease your buddies who are stuck sipping on warm beer.

Business Cards

For many Americans, golf is a springboard for making business connections. A golf game is a chance for you to woo a new client or for a potential new boss to see what you’re like outside of the office. So if you’re going golfing in order to network, make sure you have a handful of business cards in your bag at all times. In fact, even if you’re just going out to hit a few balls with your friends, you never know when opportunity might strike.

For those of us who love to golf, there really is no better way to spend a day. You get to spend time outside, enjoy the company of friends and associates and get a little exercise in the process. Anyone can play, from young kids to retirees, male or female. And it’s a game that anyone of any skill can play together. Golfing is a great way to bring families together or to get to know one another.

But we happen to think the best way to enjoy this game is to come prepared. That way, the game is the only thing you have to worry about. If you take our advice to heart, pack your golf bag with all of the essentials and commit to playing golf all season long, we are confident you will find a lifetime of enjoyment along the way.

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