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Imagine a Gym Workout Without Gym Towels

Stay Comfortable During Workouts With Gym Towels

While you jog on the treadmill or are powering through some reps during your weight training, you're going to start sweating. Having gym towels on hand lets you wipe away that sweat so that you can really focus on your workout.

When you're buying gym towels for your gym or exercise facility, you want to pick up the ones that will properly absorb moisture and not irritate the skin. You'll also need to be sure that you buy the right size. With so many options available when it comes to sizing, colors, material and more, you want to be sure that you get the right selection.

Some of the best gym towels are around the same size as hand towels and are made from an absorbent material like cotton. This small size and absorbency makes them easy to carry around and will stick through even the toughest workouts. When your gym patrons feel good, they're more likely to come back and stay with your gym!

Gym Towels That Keep Machines Clean

Besides keeping your patrons comfortable, keeping gym towels around will help maintain the cleanliness of your equipment. When you have gym towels readily available, your patrons are more likely to use them, wiping off sweat so that it's less likely to get onto the machines and other equipment.

Keeping your equipment and machines sanitary is crucial. If someone doesn't properly wipe down a piece of exercise gear when they're done with it, they can spread germs. Fortunately, if they use gym towels on themselves, they can keep the equipment cleaner even after use.

Buy Gym Towels in Bulk and Save

Even if you own a small gym, you'll need to pick up a lot of gym towels. You should plan for every single person that comes into the gym to use at least one and maybe even more. At Towel Super Center, we carry a wide selection of gym towels — you'll find a variety of sizes, materials and colors. No matter what types of towels you need for your gym, you can find them at our store!

Pick up a few different sizes to give your patrons options. One person may like something on the smaller side while another prefers something bigger. With a selection of gym towels, you can also pick up a variety of different colors — buy different sizes in different colors or match them to your gym's branding.

When you buy wholesale gym towels from Towel Super Center, you'll find big savings waiting for you. Buying wholesale cuts out the retailer, so you'll find much lower prices. And, the more towels you buy, the lower the price will be per unit! Check out our inventory of gym towels today to get started.

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