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Many brides and grooms today add a personal touch to their wedding favors by including their name and date of the wedding. When you choose an option that can be kept for years, unlike a perishable item, it serves as a unique memento of your special day. Your wedding guests will remember your celebration for years to come if you opt for a unique, personalized item as a wedding favor. They won’t leave it behind or throw it away as soon as they leave if you take the time to choose something exciting and memorable.

A History of Wedding Favors

As early as 16th century England, we find a history of wedding favors. Guests were given knots of lace and ribbon to represent their bond of love in marriage. Many centuries ago as well, European aristocrats — mostly in France and Italy — sent their wedding guests home with bonbonnieres.

These special gifts were also given out at other special events, such as birthdays and anniversaries. A bonbonniere is a box, usually made of porcelain, crystal or other fine stone or metal. It traditionally contained a sugary treat for the guests. Five candied almonds were a popular choice, representing longevity, fertility, wealth, happiness and health. Weddings signified good luck and fortune, so guests were sent home with a blessing in the form of a bonbonniere.

It is from the tradition of bonbonnieres that wedding favors became a staple at modern-day weddings. The tradition has evolved over the years, but the idea of giving guests a token of appreciation is still used in most weddings today. Many brides and grooms wonder what they can present to guests besides the traditional mints or chocolate candy. There are many ideas out there, but you should stick with something that represents you as a couple or represents the theme of your special day.

Ways to Choose Your Wedding Favors


Wedding favors can be much more than a thank you gift for your guests. They can be an extension of your relationship, as well as an extension of the theme of your wedding day. The following tips can help you get started on choosing the perfect wedding favor:

  • Choose a favor in a color that matches your design and décor. Your wedding favor should reflect the theme of your event. It wouldn’t make sense, for example, to give guests a bottle opener or a shot glass at a dry wedding for a bride and groom who don’t drink. Choose a favor that complements the design, color and theme of your day. If you choose to go the traditional route and offer guests a sweet treat as a parting gift, opt for something in a color that correlates with your wedding colors.
  • Personalize it. Your wedding favors should serve as a reminder of your special day. As guests leave, you should provide them with something to remember the wonderful time they spent celebrating with you. If you hand out a trinket, attach a label to it with your names listed as Mr. and Mrs., as well as the date. Depending on the item, you may be able to have it engraved or printed.
  • Consider the season. If you’re struggling to decide on a favor, consider the season. If it’s a winter wedding, think about snow globes or holiday-inspired ornaments. In the summer, consider sunglasses or a decorative seashell if it’s a beach wedding. Spring weddings are perfect for flower-inspired favors, and harvest-inspired favors are great for fall weddings.
  • Let your favors tell a story about your relationship. Your wedding favors should reflect the theme of your event, and they should be an extension of your relationship as a couple. For example, an equestrian bride might gift her guests with a decorative horseshoe, instructing them to hang the horseshoe in a doorway at home for good luck. Or a couple getting married at the beach might gift guests with a pair of flip flops at the reception. Wedding rally towels are another fun novelty idea guests will appreciate.

What Is a Rally Towel?

A rally towel is a sports paraphernalia towel, typically used by fans to support their favorite teams. Also known as “terrible towels,” rally towels are a known to pump up a crowd. They are given out at sporting events, and fans wave them around wildly to support their team or to distract the opposing team.

Rally towels were traditionally white, but today they’re seen in a variety of team colors and are typically adorned with the team logo and some lettering.

A Brief History of the Rally Towel

The first rally towel was said to originate in the NFL at Pittsburgh Steelers games. A fan, Figo Carvela, supposedly waved around a white dishtowel, called a “mappena,” to cheer on his favorite team. Other fans picked up on the idea, and in 1979 the Steelers faced the Baltimore Colts in the playoffs. Two weeks before the game, the team’s radio station, WTAE, announced that it wanted to create a ploy to distract the other team.


The “terrible towel” idea was decided upon, supported by former Pittsburgh Steelers radio broadcaster Myron Cope. A Steelers gold-colored towel was used, with “The Terrible Towel” printed across the front in black.

Although the team itself and the community criticized the idea at first, the crowd erupted as the team was announced onto the field during the playoff game. There were tens of thousands of terrible towels waving wildly in the crowd — all supporting the team that went on to win the game and the Super Bowl for the second year. Ever since, the terrible towel has been a standard for fans in Pittsburgh.

Other teams picked up on the rally towel trend, such as the Seahawks, Giants, Eagles, Vikings, Cowboys, Colts and Bears. Western Kentucky started using a red towel, and plenty of teams now include rally towels as part of their fandom. Many use white towels, but team colors are popular today, too. Teams in baseball, hockey and basketball use rally towels as well.

Rally Towels for Weddings

There are many parallels between a big sporting event and a wedding. It’s a memorable event, and someone is in the spotlight. At a wedding, the most important players are the bride and groom. They’re surrounded by people who love them and want to share this special, monumental day with them. Like a sporting event, a wedding is a celebratory event where people are supposed to kick back, relax and have a good time.

Fortunately, such stains are not permanent. If the blue dye of detergent marks a towel or garment, soak the item for one hour in a plastic container with one cup of white vinegar and one quart of water. If the dye of blue fabric softener marks an item, rub the spots in question with bar soap and rinse.

Rally towels for weddings are a great addition. As you’re announced into the reception as Mr. and Mrs., your guests can wave around a wedding rally towel in your support.

There are many situations where wedding rally towels would be appropriate:

You Are Looking for a Fun Way for Guests to Bond at Your Wedding

An icebreaker is often needed to transition between the wedding ceremony and the reception. Asking your guests to wave around wedding rally towels as you’re greeted into the reception is an excellent way to break the ice and encourage your guests to loosen up and prepare for the rest of the night. Wedding rally towels could set the tone for a memorable, entertaining evening of fun.

You Don’t Want to Hand Out a Traditional Wedding Favor

You can roll the towels neatly and fasten a tag on each one, telling each guest how much you appreciate their attendance. You can display them in many different ways, allowing the favors to act as an extension of your wedding theme. Guest will use them at your event and then take them home with them at the end of the night. The wedding rally towels will serve as a physical reminder of your special day for years to come.

You Are Seeking a Fun, Unique Photo Op for Your Wedding or Reception

Memorable photographs are a goal at almost any wedding. Guests excitedly waving their wedding rally towels in the background with a happy bride and groom front and center makes for a perfect photograph.


You Are Having a Sports-Themed Wedding

If you’re having a sports-themed wedding, there’s no question about whether or not a rally towel should be included. Gifting guests with rally towels will complement your unique wedding theme in seamless detail.

You Feel a Sports Team Has Significant Meaning to Your Relationship

Maybe you met at a sporting event or had your first date at a football game. Or perhaps you got engaged at a sporting event. If your relationship holds special significance to a certain team, consider using a wedding rally towel at your wedding or reception.

You Want to Use a Colored Item to Accent Your Wedding Theme

You don’t have to be a sports fanatic to appreciate the appeal of a wedding rally towel. After all, the bride and the groom are the key players in any wedding — and knowing that simple fact is all it takes to understand the appeal of rally towels for weddings. Friends, family and wedding guests will cheer for the wedding party, even if the bride and groom aren’t sports fans.

You Want to Give Guests a Fun Keepsake as a Wedding Favor

Edible wedding favors are likely eaten, tossed or forgotten before the reception concludes. Wedding rally towels will live on well after the big day, serving as a special, long-lasting reminder of an important day.

You Want to Personalize Your Wedding Favor

Towels are a blank canvas. If you order wholesale towels, you can find a local service to brand them with something personal to your special day. Consider adding your names, including the “Mr. and Mrs.,” as well as the date of your wedding.


You Want People to Remember How Much Fun Your Wedding Was

Rally towels will be reused again and again over the years. Every time one of your guests pulls out your towel to wipe their face on, use while golfing or put in the guest bathroom, they’ll be reminded of the wonderful time they had at your wedding. Celebrations such as this deserve to be preserved and remembered over the years. A useful and practical wedding present to your guests is a great way to achieve this.

Order Towels From Towel Super Center

Rally towels can be a budget-friendly addition to any wedding. At Towel Super Center, for as little as $5.49 per dozen for economy white towels, you can include wedding rally towels as gifts on your big day.

If you prefer a color to match your theme, we have hand towels available in black, charcoal, dark brown, burgundy, navy blue, hunter green, premium purple, aqua blue, beige, hot pink, lime green, silver grey, medium blue, red, orange, yellow and royal blue.

Towel Super Center is a leading towel supplier, committed to offering customers excellent-quality towels at affordable prices. We specialize in wholesale towel supply, making us the perfect choice for ordering wedding rally towels for your special day. Choose from our hand towel selection, which consists of a variety of colors.

When you order from Towel Super Center, you will receive:

  • Towels that are high in quality. Sometimes when you order in bulk, you receive a lack of quality. This is not the case with Towel Super Center. We offer everything from economy to luxury, in a variety of sizes and colors. When you order from us, you can expect the quality you pay for. Our towels are absorbent and durable, and they will last wash after wash.
  • Towels that are affordable. If you’re thinking about wedding rally towels, they’ll probably be used as a novelty item — not something guests will use to pat their faces dry with every evening. Whether you want towels for novelty reasons or towels for pampering, we have what you need at a price you can afford.

If you’re interested in ordering rally towels for weddings from Towel Super Center, contact us today at 1-866-449-3999 or browse our inventory of appropriately sized hand towels. We offer hand towels in premium colors, premium white, premium PLUS, economy white and terry velour.

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