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16X27- Premium Plus White Hand Towels 100% Cotton

Premium Plus Wholesale White Hand Towels in 100% Cotton

Premium-PLUS white hand towels used in high end hotels, resorts, spas and salons, these hand towels are 100% supreme cotton,soft and highly absorbent. Schools sports teams can use these towels

Category: Hand Towels

Item#: D27

Our price: $16.99

Retail Price: $24.99

Dimensions: 16x27

Quality: Premium Plus

Color: White

Weight: 3 Lb/doz

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Quantity Unit Price
1..9 Dozen $16.99 Per Dozen
10..19 Dozen $15.99 Per Dozen
20 and up Dozen $14.99 Per Dozen

Prices listed above are per dozen - Price lowers when you buy more

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Phone order: 1-888-664-0951

Additional Information

Clean Up at Home With Premium Plus White Hand Towels

Why are white towels some of the most frequently purchased? Maybe it’s because they make everything look so clean and bright. If you want to dazzle your bathrooms and other living spaces with pristine, white hand towels, these are the premium plus 100 cotton towels to choose.

At Towel Super Center, we pride ourselves on supplying individuals with exceptional-quality hand towels at rock-bottom prices. You don’t have to overspend to get the best, especially when you buy from us. Order your white hand towels online today!

Run a Home Business? Stock up With Towel Super Center

Do you have a business that runs out of your home? If so, you may frequently have clients coming to visit.

Be sure your bathrooms are stocked with wholesale hand towels, and not the typical towels you use for your family.

Our premium plus white hand towels are ideal for any type of commercial use, including home-based salons, pet grooming facilities, car detailing services and in-house day cares. Be sure you're always ready to wow your next client or prospect with fluffy, white hand towels.

Just pick the number of white hand towels you need and order right away. We'll send them right to your residence for immediate use.

White Hand Towels Perfect for All Your Home Uses

Where could you, your family and your guests use a white, premium plus cotton hand towel? How about:

  • In all your bathrooms. This includes the powder room, the guest bathroom, the master bath and, of course, the kids’ bathroom. Store several hand towels in each room for ease of use.
  • In your kitchen. Sometimes, it’s just better to have a soft, sensitive-skin-friendly white hand towel than a dishrag or kitchen towel, especially if you’re washing your hands at the kitchen sink.
  • In the home gym area. Have a special room or nook with workout equipment? Pamper yourself by creating a spa-like oasis that’s complete with premium plus cotton hand towels! You’ll feel like you’re a member of an exclusive luxury health club.
  • In the pool or spa area. Do you own a pool? Have a hot tub or spa? Towels are always necessary. In addition to larger bath towels, store some hand towels around the pool. That way, you can dry off your hands, feet and face if you’re taking a break from swimming.
  • In the garage. How many times have you come in from gardening or landscaping with dirty hands? Sometimes it’s nice to be able to pick up a fluffy hand towel and wipe away the residue and dirt.
  • In the mudroom. It’s raining, it’s pouring — and you don’t want to trek water all over the house! Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a supply of premium plus white hand towels ready to use?

After you buy your premium plus white hand towels, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them! Have questions about these or other Towel Super Center products? Our friendly customer service representatives are ready to help.

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